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        Division I to "quality first, integrity, win-win cooperation, common development" business principles!
        Shanghai Re-mall Environmental New Material Co., Ltd. Shanghai Re-mall Environmental New Material Co., Ltd.

        Market share leader 3000MT/M

        A number of listed and foreign enterprises 300+customers

        Household/home appliances/transportation, etc 30+industries

        We passed:GRS/ISO9001/ISO14001/Green Recycling Management System Certification/Five-Star Standard For Service Certification/Certificate Of Registration

        • 1
          Pellet Sales


          ·Application development

        • 2
          Resource Localization

          ?Factory plan in developed countries

          ?Chinese recycling system expansion

        • 3
          Process Optimization

          ?Quality control system

          ?Manufacturing process improvement

          ?Waste water&gas treatment

        • 4
          Standard Evaluation

          ?Pellet evaluation

          ?Quality control ability evaluation

          ?Imported pellet pre-inspection

        Consultation 400-175-0224